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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  April 17, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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30% rate on all of its winnings at the freehold harness races, i'm glad you're up watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio, shoot me an email or tweet me @williegeist1 or do what secret service agent does while in colombia and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this tuesday april 17th, a lot to tell you about today, including update on just what happened in that 18-hour siege by militants in afghanistan over the weekend. plus, tupac, yes, tupac comes back to life on stage at the coachella music festival in southern california. what are we looking at here? and did elvis make an appearance? we'll explain what it is later in the show. first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30
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rock in new york city. the search for mitt romney's running mate is now under way. even before the republican candidate officially locks down his party's nomination. the former massachusetts governor has selected his long-time adviser, beth myers, to narrow down the list of potential vice presidents, she was romney's campaign manager during his 2008 run for the white house and has served as his chief of staff in the governor's office. this of course will be a closely-watched process, given the brief vetting and the choice mace by john mccain four years ago. many handicappers say senator rob portman of ohio is the early lead to get the nod. >> mr. romney sat down with dia diane sawyer. >> start packing, that's what i would like to say. obviously we have a very difficu different view. the president i'm sure wants
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another four years, but the first four didn't go so well. >> i got to know michelle, she's a lovely person. i've never met barack obama. but i believe it's mitt's time. i believe that the country needs the kind of leadership that he is going to be able to offer and i believe he is the person that can turn around this economy. so i think it is, it's our turn now. >> the latest gallup daily tracking poll puts romney and the president in a statistical tie, mitt romney up two points, well within the margin of error a daily tracking poll, a snapshot of what the race looks like with rick santorum no longer around. polling from "reuters" gives president obama a four-point advantage over mitt romney in a general election matchup. a cnn poll puts the president's lead, though, at nine points. those early numbers aside, the presidential election is shaping up as a test of the economy as we all expected. with taxes and jobs at the forefront of the national conversation. in an interview last night, romney was asked, whether his personal fortune isolates him
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from the struggles of average americans. >> the story out now that there's an elevator for your cars in the new house you're planning in la jolla. are you too rich to relate? >> we don't divide america based upon success and wealth and other dimensions of that nature. we're one nation under god. we come together. this is a time when people of different back grounds and different experiences need to come together. >> do you still think the fairness question is about envy? is the fairness concern about envy? >> well i think it's unfair that this president has been in office three and a half years and 93% of the people who have lost their jobs have been women. >> the romney campaign hammering the last point for several days. the other side puts it in dispute. romney suggesting that the president's policies are hitting women voters especially hard. following comments by democratic
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strategist hilary rosen last week who suggested ann romney could not relate to working women because she never had a job. mrs. romney who turned 63 yesterday, was overheard at a private fundraiser sunday, describing that remark as a birthday gift. she was asked in the same interview to explain her comment. >> it was a birthday gift to me, because i love the fact that we're talking about this. i love the fact that women are talking about deficit spending and the economy. i love that. >> do you think president and mrs. obama are biased against mothers who work at home? >> you know, i don't. i think there was a comment that was made, it was an unfortunate comment. and i believe a lot of women are responding to that because it was an unfortunate comment. but she of course said what she meant was that the circumstances in which you were able to stay at home, were a lot different from many women. >> of course they are and i will
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say for me, financial security has not been a huge issue. but that does not mean i'm not compassionate. that does not mean that i have not had different challenges. >> cnn polling taken after the controversy surrounding hilary rosen's comments show president obama still leading mitt romney by 16 points among women voters. the romney campaign vote hoped he could use that to make up ground in that category. they still trail the president by 16 points among women. in the united states senate, both parties knew the so-called buffett rule wasn't going anywhere. but that didn't stop members from setting up the issue as a key dividing line heading into november. democrats fell nine votes short. the 60 needed to move forward. barren warren buffett who supports the legislation argues his secretary should not pay a higher rate than he does. republicans say no taxes should be raised right now, countering
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with a plan to cut taxes for businesses. new cnn polling shows 72% of americans support the buffett rule. 27% oppose that idea. after the vote, president obama released a statement that reads in part, the buffett rule is common sense. one of the fundamental challenges of our time is building an economy where everyone gets a fair shot. everyone does their fair share. and everyone plays by the same rules. senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell said yesterday's vote on the buffett rule was nothing more than political theater. >> we're in a crisis here. and sadly, it's all politics. all the time. for him, it's not about jobs, or the economy, it's about his idea of fairness. about imposing it on others. and if we lose more jobs in the process, oh well. so be it. >> mitt romney also weighed in on the issue of the buffett rule. he did so last night at a tea party event in philadelphia.
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>> the american people are struggling right now and we have a president that doesn't sem to understand that he's been part of the problem, not part of the solution. and i listen to him, he's got these ideas. his big idea now is this buffett rule. which is that -- someone calculated by the way that the taxes he would raise from his buffett rule would pay for 11 hours, would pay for 11 hours of the government, all right. this is not exactly a grand idea. this man is out of ideas, he's out of excuses and in 2012, we're going to make sure he gets put out of office. >> the debate over this is certain to continue, with the tax breaks first established under president bush set to expire at the end of this year. the second of four congressional hearings will take place on capitol hill today. in the growing scandal over wasteful spending by a government agency. current and former officials from the general services administration will face a new round of questioning this morning, over 2010 conference in
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las vegas. it follows a tense hearing yesterday where as nbc's lisa myers reports, questions about possible kickbacks and allegations of bribery came up. >> what happened in vegas ended up on capitol hill. and the gsa official in charge of the lavish conference, jeff neily, asserted his right to remain silent six times. >> mr. chairman, i respectfully decline to answer any questions here today based upon my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> reporter: but neily seemed less reticent about his vegas experience on this google post. they appeared to be enjoying an luxury suite which hosted the conference. the conference, which cost taxpayers almost $1 million, drew bipartisan scorn. >> when you see this widespread abuse of money, that's where there's frustration, steaming out of our ears. >> it's not your money.
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it's the taxpayers' money. >> reporter: taxpayers played for blackjack vests for conference leaders and a commemorative coin and vegas book for all 300 attendees. former gsa administrator martha johnson, who resigned over the scandal took responsibility. >> i personally apologize to the american people. >> reporter: republicans question the $9,000 bonus neely was given last year while he was under investigation. johnson said he had performed well in other key areas and she didn't want to interfere with the investigation. he is now on administrative leave, but still getting his $179,000 salary. the inspector general whose report triggered the spending scandal said he's also investigating possible bribes and kickbacks at gsa, the agency is supposed to save taxpayers' money. >> nbc's lisa myers reporting.
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here's the front page of this morning's "new york post," with a picture of mr. neely in that hot tub. with a couple of glasses of what look like a california red of some kind. enjoying himself in vegas. the acting administrator of the agency is now calling on former gsa officials to repay the costs of the private parties thrown inside their hotel rooms. american officials in afghanistan are analyzing the taliban's brazen assault over the weekend for signs of how the group's tactics may be changing. militant fighters struck seven different targets across the country on sunday, including foreign embassies and the parliament in kabul. afghan president, hamid karzai said it represents an intelligence failure for both the afghan government and in his words, quote, especially nato. dozens of gunmen managed to enter secure areas around the capital without being picked up by spy agencies or spotted by local security forces. it could demonstrate a more disciplined militant fighting
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force, particularly among the haqqani network. just this morning in some news coming across the wires, australia announcing its plans to begin withdrawing troops from the war zone in afghanistan this year, earlier than was previously planned. all foreign combat troops due to be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. still ahead on "way too early," washington nationals sensation, steven strasburg looks great on the hill. where were all the people in d.c.? we're a long way from strasburg mania or whatever they called it. highlights from around the big leagues ahead in sports. plus mitt romney reagts to his portrayal on "snl," saying he enjoys humor. that story and a check on weather.
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5:45 in the morning. as the sun rises, that's a beautiful picture over washington, d.c. the united states capitol building off there in the distance. let's check your weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, how hot was it yesterday? >> boston marathon, it was steamy. i mean record heat in many areas of the northeast. and the boston marathon, the men finished a little slower than typical because of the heat. they actually at times instead of doing the shortest distance around the course, they tried to
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run in the shade when they could. actually, this gentleman actually from kenya, via louisville where he lives in the united states was the men's winner. the woman's winner time was typical. of the 22,000 people that entered the race, 2,000 needed medical attention because of the heat. yesterday, 92 in hartford, connecticut, it was 91 in albany. 90 in syracuse, that's the earliest it's ever hit 90 degrees in a year in syracuse and in albany. today, it's going to be cooler, still warm by april standards, we'll be in the 70s today. a very mild morning in most locations, this afternoon, a beautiful spring day. low humidity, fire levels are going to be high of course with our drought conditions out there. and there's not a lot of rain in sight. philadelphia, it looks like just like everyone else on the east coast, it looks like the best chance of rain will coming this weekend on sunday. a little wet weather in southern louisiana and mississippi, overall, willie, it looks like a nice april day. we're seeing temperatures in the 70s in the middle of the country
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and the west coast, not many issues, either. >> that's more like it, 86, a little hot. >> a little too much, a little too soon. >> 76 is the sweet spot. bill, thanks. turning to sports, it was less than two years ago, that fans around the d.c. area paid ticket brokers big bucks and packed nationals park to watch the debut of one of the most anticipated pitching prospects notice history of the baseball. steven strasburg is back and looking good. but from the looks of things last night, the fans are not. thin crowd at nationals park, about 16,000 on hand to watch steven strasburg and the n.l. east drink that in, leading nationals, take on the astros. top of the first, he strikes out jd martinez, tied 2-2 in the sixth. bases loaded. fists a blooper to left, two runs scored. the nationals win 6-3, strasburg six strong innings, he's now gone 50 innings without giving up a home run. mets and braves in atlanta, jack
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wilson hits it deep to left. jason bay going up to make a play. a nice catch. robbed him of a home run. take another look at it. bay helping out his pitcher who loves what he sees. boy -- buy that man a beer. the game in the sixth inning. ike davis going to crush the curve ball into the right field stands. a three-run home run, bay added one in the ninth with a solo shot off levon hernandez, mets roll 6-1 is the final. tigers and royals, first batter of the game, austin jackson goes deep to left to give the tigers the early lead. royals trailing by a one in the bottom of the ninth. the story of this one, why we showed you. justin verlander, getting on the bases-loaded jam, striking out alex gordon looking with a 100-mile-per-hour fast ball. verlander threw 131 pitches to pick up the win. the 15th complete game of his career. that was the last pitch of the game. yes, 100 miles per hour.
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mitt romney was at fenway yesterday for the red sox and braves on patriots day. game still scoreless in the seventh. daniel bard walks carlos pena to load the bases, next batter, evan longoria walked on four pitches. rays take a 1-0 lead the easy way. in the bottom of the ninth. red sox with a couple of runners on, cody ross goes down looking, he thought that was outside. the helmet comes off, but the game is over, the red sox lose this one to the rays 1-0. barely two weeks into the regular season, red sox skipper, bobby valentine already in hot water. apologizing for comments he made about his third baseman, kevin youkilis, a beloved figure in boston. it started on sunday, when valentine called out youkilis for what he viewed as a lack of commitment. >> i don't think he's has physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past. for some reason. but yesterday it seemed you know, he seeing the ball well,
5:50 am
got the two walks, said he got his on-base percentage up higher than his batting average. which is always a good thing. and he'll move on from there. >> youkilis started the season slowly, batting only 100 through boston's first six games. yesterday he responded to valentine's comments along with his teammate, dustin pedroia. >> i go out every day, play as hard as i can. take every ground ball in the morning. take every at bat. you know like it's my last. and i don't think my game has changed at all. >> i don't really understand what you know, what bobby is trying to do. but it's not the way we go about our stuff around here. so i'm sure he'll figure that out soon. >> ow, valentine said he apologized to youkilis after he was confronted by his third baseman before yesterday's game on their meeting valentine said, i don't know if he accepted my apology. it was sincere, i was just trying to smooth it over. i guess i didn't. youkilis was out of the lineup yesterday, with a sore groin. and we should remind you again,
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"way too early," "morning joe" will be live from inside fenway park this friday for the 100th anniversary of that old bad box. the sox open a three-game series with the yankees on friday. we'll be there. coming up at the top of the hour on the "morning joe," the buffett rule stopped in its tracks, in the senate, with the tax battle only getting started. the congressional fight and the presidential fight between president obama and mitt romney on this question. when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch the marvels of modern technology bring tupac shakur back to lixt i love cash back. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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we told you at the top of the show, that senate republicans yesterday blocked the president's buffett rule that calls for a minimum 30% tax on millionaires. according to the white house, one in four millionaire households pay a lower tax rate than most middle class households if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends a recent report shows that the number of millionaire households the u.s. rose 2% last year to 8.6 million. that's up for the third straight year after dropping significantly during the recession. in 2008, there were 6.7 million households earning seven figures. enough of the real news, let's huddle up around the water cooler to talk about a potential "saturday night live" host guaranteed to get more buzz than say, i don't know, lindsay
5:55 am
lohan. republican presidential candidate mitt romney in the mix in last night's interview with diane sawyer, woo showed that earlier. romney denies he's been approached by "snl," but said he would not rule out the opportunity if they wanted him to host. >> "saturday night live." you've been asked, are you going to do it? >> i hadn't heard that we were asked until i read about it over the weekend. so i'll take a look at that. that sounds like a lot of fun. why not. i haven't made a decision, just heard about it. and of course, it would depend on the nature of the skit. i would want it to be funny. >> who is funnier, you or president obama? >> people don't know me terribly well from the kinds of pranks we play and what it's like in a home with five boys. most of our dinner table events were involving humor of one kind or another. most of which can't be repeated on the air. >> so you watch it? you watch "saturday night live"? >> yeah. >> you see jason sedakis doing you? >> i watch the skits that
5:56 am
include me. we tivo those or dvr them. right now we've been kind of busy. >> did you see this, there was a 3-d hologram of tupac at coachella. that was tupac created by a company projected his likeness, he did a song with snoop. in honor of tupac's performance at coachella, jimmy kimmel asked the company to make a similar hologram, but he said this happened instead. >> the that hologram, was so amazing, we hired the company, a companied called a.v. concepts to do a similar thing. you guys want to see a hologram? do we have it set up? look at that. unbelievable! if i wasn't seeing it with my own eyes -- it looks as if larry king has appeared on stage here.
5:57 am
[ applause ] like he's right here. >> hey, schmuck! i'm right here, i am not dead! >> larry king lives, thank god for that. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your thug life tweets and texts are ahead. piro.obert
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